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One thousand welcomes to you! Welcome to the hearth of Awakening Avalon, welcome to this sanctuary and school, this portal through which the source of eternal Love emanates.

If you have a sense of something more that lives in you, if you feel a desire to be completely alive and expressive of your amazing radiance, if you want to fulfill the infinite potential of your heart and live an enchanted life in communion with others, we invite you to come sit at this hearth. The cauldron is brewing! Warm your soul, open yourself, renew, and remember.

Our experiential education is a powerful and playful combination of earth wisdom, devotional love, and sacred service that brings you into resonance with the natural world and into harmony with the wild and free soul within.

  • Earth Wisdom is accessed through attunement to seasonal and ecological rhythms, body-based practices, and indigenous ways of life that connect us to the world in a nourishing and intimate way.
  • Devotional mystical practices develop the power of our hearts through direct and intuitive meditation, personal liberation, and awakened sensuality.
  • Sacred service is the result of an overflowing heart that is fulfilled in self and connected to the web of life.

If you have arrived here at this hearth, you have been following your deepest truth. Welcome. Welcome home to yourself, to the Path that has no beginning and no end.


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