About Avalon
“The Mystic Avalon lives her hidden life, invisible save to those who have the key of the gates of vision. The quiet West Country world goes its way.  Seed-time and harvest fail not, nor her inexhaustible wells.  The pink foam of spring washes over her apple-orchards in its flood; the silver mists of autumn turn her water-meadows once again to a Lake of Wonder.  Legend and history and the vision of the heart blend in the building of Mystical Avalon.”
~Dion Fortune

Avalon was a legendary mystery school that anchored the teachings of the mystical dimension into the Earth. The focus on deep internal practices of personal work and esoteric study created an incredible power of commitment and focus in the individuals who were trained at Avalon. It is known throughout the world for its devotion to the empowerment of merging spiritual intention with embodied action.

In legendary history, Avalon is linked most clearly to Glastonbury in Britain. The mists that rose off the Somerset marshes would shroud access to the Isle of Avalon. Only those who had the power and knowledge to permeate this shield of protection could cross the threshold into the magical realms. In time, as human consciousness changed, any access to Avalon as a physical place dissolved.  Now, as collective consciousness is evolving again, the wisdom of Avalon is emerging out of the mists and bringing renewal and sustenance to the world.

The lore of the Arthurian cycle, the Grail mysteries, and the original faerie tales that grew out of the garden of Avalon has guided and inspired people for millenia.  In every culture, the power of the Story is what brings us into connection with the ultimate Source of all. The legend of Avalon lives in each and every one of us as the realm of Soul, the noble land, where the secrets of the Heart gather and dance our dreams into reality.