My life experiences, my work and my heart are embodied in this school of Awakening Avalon. The creation of a modern day school of Sacred Service has been the orienting vision of my life.  My journals are full of writings and poetry and images that have fed this dream. I fully believe in the power of an engaged spirituality to make a difference in the world. A spiritual life that connects us to source grounds us in active and guided participation in our families and communities. May Wisdom , Love and Service awaken within you.

I am a woman who lives and thrives at the crossroads, the borderlands, the frontiers.  From a young age I was different. I would stay up at night so that I could feel the radiance that came when the minds around me slept. I had an affinity for nature and movement. I danced and rode horses; I spent long hours under the willow tree in my backyard and in the corn fields that surrounded my childhood home in western New York. I loved the smells of the earth: grass, balsam, icy snow, rain on dirt. I began reading the myths early on and the first time I heard the word “grail” something in me woke up and I have been on a quest since then.

My life has been an exploration of divinity from the very beginning. I would go to mass with my Catholic friends and temple with my Jewish friends.  In college I studied anthropology and religion and music, looking for the truth of life. As I explored the world’s religions I spent time in Buddhist retreats, yoga ashrams, Catholic monasteries.  I travelled extensively, finding myself falling in love on a glacier in NZ, dancing under the full moon with Maasai women in Kenya, sinking into revelatory peace at Chartres, scared out my mind at midnight in the stone circle at Avebury, making rice and banana leaf offerings with the shaman of a Balinese village.

I was searching hard as my life was being devoured in a longing for which I could not find any answer.  I danced, I did yoga, I Quested, I spent much of my time in the wilderness and in the internal wilderness of the underworld.  Most of my seeking was a battle to heal and be free of the crazy wisdom of the shadow. And yet I could not escape.  I had to surrender fully into the Void.  The alchemy of this underworld odyssey has grounded in me a radical compassion and an understanding of the journey of individuation and interdependence that is the paradox of the spiritual path.

My twenties and 30’s were a time of opening, softening and deep study on the Path. I apprenticed in the ways of the Priestess and Goddess traditions for 3 years, delving into the healing arts of herbalism and somatic therapies with fervor.  At the same time I studied the Native American shamanic path, training in wilderness survival and awareness skills and the Vision Quest.  I spent many weeks in silent meditation retreats.  The Path for me has been the path of paradox, of utter empty stillness and vibrant pulsing story.  When I would sit in meditation I would find myself scintillating with a wellspring of energy flooding through me.  When I would be fox-running through the woods, I would find a purity of silence that permeated everything so that I was no longer the one running, but the one being run.  This ecstatic polarity has awakened the living poem of unity in my being and fueled a powerful commitment to being of service.

I am eternally grateful to the Path and to my teachers. Each moment I have lived, every person I have interacted with is a teacher and I honor all of these pearls.  I have blessed to study with wise and radiant teachers: Gina MacGarry, Vicki Noble, Demetra George, Lawrence Banghart, Tom Brown Jr., Malcolm Ringwalt, Martin Prechtel, Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Andrew Harvey.  These are beings that have helped me find my own authenticity and liberate the vast reservoir of my heart.  May all of the love and wisdom that they have shared with me and others rain down blessings in the garden of their lives. Thank you.

I bow to my parents, my daughter, my extended family, and my circle of fellow travelers. I am you.

In devotion,


Holly Hamilton is a practical mystic, a High Priestess, the mother of an incredible girl, a devoted lover of beauty and prayer.  Her life is dedicated to feeding the holy through ceremony, teaching, and writing.  She began her service with a healing arts and spiritual counseling practice and has been facilitating transformational group programs for close to 30 years.   She has protected Vision Quests since 2001.



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