Vision of Awakening Avalon
Awakening Avalon is a school dedicated to sacred activism and to supporting the evolution of consciousness on the planet. The combined practice of earth-based spirituality and mystical tradition awakens leaders to the call of service, infused with indigenous wisdom and steeped in devotional love. 


Awakening Avalon is envisioned as a community of learning and liberation devoted to reclaiming and nourishing the Mystery Traditions. We champion the enchanted consciousness of shamanic wisdom and a life of union and service to the Divine.

The world is changing dramatically as humanity is called to evolve and make choices that sustain the web of life. Awakening Avalon offers experiential education that renews the soul and connects into the deep heart of nature.  Our programs weave personal and psychological growth, physical and spiritual practices, and community service to engender freedom, skill, and connection. This inspires expansive leadership and a return to earth-based spirituality within our global community and cultures.

Indigenous shamanic consciousness roots us in a holistic lifestyle that nourishes the union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  As we celebrate and take responsibility for our personal stories, we develop intimacy with the wisdom that naturally engenders generosity and compassion. From this wellspring of service, we uniquely engage with the world as our most authentic expression of love and devotion.