The Celtic Earth Wisdom Course


We can develop relationship with self and nature to such a degree that we fully realize our embodiment of the Web of Life, and live it in our communities. This is where true magic happens.

-Holly Hamilton, Awakening Avalon Founder

When you come into more intimacy with the Earth, your joy expands and your reverence for Life deepens. The sacred mysteries of life come alive in everyday tangible ways.

The Awakening Avalon Celtic Earth Wisdom Course is designed to orient and empower you to work in deep communion with the seasonal cycles of Gaia. This rich course will attune you to the rhythms of the Web of Life and teach you how to celebrate and honor them as a spiritual practice.

The course is divided into four three-month sessions in which all the materials and discussions occur online. You will study one element per three-month season, and the entire Wheel of the year with the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth are covered over the course of one year.

The course is a co-collaboration between Awakening Avalon Founder Holly Hamilton and Senior Priestess Kundrie Morgana. Learn more about Kundrie and her work in the world at her on-line home, Emerald Forest.

THE CELTIC EARTH WISDOM COURSE is a series of 4 seasonal classes which include:

Monthly Talk ~

  • 60 minute recorded transmission on the Current Lunation and Earth Wisdom for the month. (3 per season)

Meditations ~

  • Elemental Journey (1 each season)
  • High Holy Day Guided Meditations (2 per season)

Guidebooks ~

  • Introduction to the Wheel of the Year
  • Elemental: Air, Fire, Water or Earth (1 each season)
  • High Holy Days of the Season (2 per season)

Practices ~

  • Sacred Crafts
  • Guidelines for Setting up Seasonal Altars
  • Intention Nature Walks
  • Breathing and Movement Exercises
  • Seasonal Herbal Recipes
  • Application and Integration through Service Projects

SupportĀ ~

  • Optional 60 minute Mentoring call(s) with Awakening Avalon Faculty (add $180)


  • Air Season ~ February-April
    • (Mental Body, Nervous system, Voice and the Power of Wyrd, and Breath Practices)
  • Fire Season ~ May-July
    • (Energetic Body, Cardiovascular System, Sensuality and Sacred Union, and Visualization Practices)
  • Water Season ~ August-October
    • (Emotional Body, Endocrine System, Intuition, and Dream Practices)
  • Earth Season ~ November-January
    • (Physical Body, Skeletal System, Manifestation, and Ancestor Practices)


There are two commitment options, seasonal and annual:
Seasonal Tuition (3 months): $333
Annual Tuition (12 months) : $999

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