“Dream of the sun dreaming its worlds
Sing till the song throws out root, trunk, branches, birds, stars…
Sing until the dream engenders the spring at which
You may drink and recognize yourself and recover.”
~Octavio Paz


The legends live in the land of Glastonbury.  Otherwise known as The Isle of Apples, Inis Witrin… AVALON.  Come and journey with us to Somerset and remember, renew and resurrect your own heart in the mystical energies of our sacred earth.

Glastonbury, originally the land of legendary Avalon, is where the worlds overlap, where deep visioning and radical transformation can happen.  It is the crossroad of two major ley lines and is considered the heart chakra of the planet. Here, earth and heaven marry, feminine and masculine energies harmonize, and the polarities come into unity. The Tor and Chalice Well, Wearyall Hill, and the Abbey ruins are all permeated by the luminous vibrations of the Vale of Avalon.

This pilgrimage is an unparalleled chance for both women and men to experience the initiation that can come from the land itself.  Deep meditation, ceremony, and shamanic healing work will anchor our time. There will also be fluidity in the schedule for solitude and rest.  The magic that is Avalon profoundly awakens a timeless connection to the Goddess, the God and their dance of wisdom, love, and service.

In this extraordinary time, you have an invitation to step out of illusion and into the magnificent and humble truth of being Love embodied. On this extraordinary land we can allow ourselves to fully merge into the song of the Universe…the One Song…and begin to live our own legend as a an offering to that Song.

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