“Look in a clear mountain mirror,
see the beautiful ancient warrior and the divine elements
you always carry inside.”

The Vision Quest is an ancient tradition, a rite of passage that brings you to the core of yourself, of life and of spirit.  Used by indigenous communities around the world, the Quest immerses you in the power and healing of nature. It takes you into direct contact with the heart of creation and clarifies your own unique expression of that.  We all come to Earth with a very clear birth vision that guides us as our lives take shape through the years. Coming to the circle of the Quest helps us remember and renew this commitment.

The Vision Quest originally was a ceremony that marked the end of childhood and marked the beginning of a person’s full participation as an adult in their tribe.  Today, men and women often come to the Quest during a time of transformation and change in their lives. The Quest is an unparalleled opportunity to uncover the transformative truths of Self and of your own sacred vision.

The teachings of this Quest are passed down through the lineage of Lipan Apache elder, Stalking Wolf.  Stalking Wolf traveled the Americas and lived with and learned from the medicine men and women of many different tribes.  His personal medicine was to distill the ceremonies of the various tribal cultures to their essential core.  The Vision Quest that he taught is completely free of any cultural or religious affiliation and is open to people of all spiritual paths.

This Quest is offered as an 8-day experience which includes:


2 days of preparation at a base camp:

  • Questers camp in a tent during this time; food is provided.
  • Questers prepare their Vision Quest circles with the help of the VQ guides. Lectures, discussions, and ceremony orient the questers to the experience.




4 days in the Vision Quest circle:

  • Each person has their own private 10-foot circle within a protection area with others who are questing at the same time.
  • Questers have enough clothes and gear to keep them warm and dry (no tents), and water to drink.
  • The protection that is offered is both physical and spiritual and creates a potent environment in which questers can fully surrender into their experience.


2 days of integration at the base camp after the Quest:

  • Lectures, discussion, and ceremony are shared to support Questers to nourish the Vision they received and assimilate it into daily life.
  • Questers return to base camp in tents.  Food is provided.


$900.00 per participant

(does not include travel or accommodations prior to or after the 8-day experience)

$450.00 Deposit is due 2 weeks after acceptance into the Vision Quest.

Remainder of tuition is due 1 week before Quest begins.


For questions and inquiries about Vision Quest, please email or if you wish to participate in a Vision Quest, please submit an application prior to acceptance:

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